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Colleges in Alaska

Colleges in Alaska

alaska 230x230 Colleges in AlaskaThere are 11 colleges and universities in the state of Alaska vary from small colleges like Ilisagvik College to larger colleges like University of Alaska Anchorage and the University of Alaska Fairbanks. The largest metro areas in Alaska include Juneau, Fairbanks and Anchorage and they offer several colleges for students to choose from. The public colleges and universities in Alaska have several satellite campuses across the state to give students access to colleges in Alaska. Alaska Pacific University is among the private colleges in Alaska. If you’re looking for a religious based college there are several in the state such as Alaska Bible College. Alaska also has junior colleges and community colleges.

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Colleges and Degrees in Alaska

Many colleges in Alaska offer four-year degrees as well as career training and offer concentrated programs in fields such as Engineering, Nursing, Computer Science, Information Technology and Business. Search the site to discover what it is you want to study from one of Alaska’s colleges and universities. There are also many colleges in the state offering Liberal Arts such as Prince William Sound Community College and University of Alaska Southeast. There are many community colleges providing career training with associate’s degrees and certificate programs if you’re looking for a career focused education.

Industries and Careers in Alaska

There are several large areas of business and industry in Alaska for you to consider the degree you would like to pursue. Many Alaskans work in fields like healthcare, education, fishing, natural resource extraction, business management, hospitality and tourism. There are many career opportunities for graduates from colleges in Alaska. Providence Health & Services and Alaska Regional Hospital are some of the largest employers in the state making careers in Nursing, Healthcare Administration very attractive. ASRC Energy Services as well as other energy companies employ large a number of people in the state and in which engineering, general business and business administration and management careers are plentiful.

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